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Zodiac Tear Necklace with Bone Chain


We find the craft of hand-forging chains to be relaxing.

This lovely classic bone chain reminds us of the waves of life. This gold-filled chain drips the mmddyyyy signature zodiac coin tear in a deep golden brass with your sign and zodiac birthstone set in the reverse constitution. 

Limited edition necklace. 

The chain is adjustable from 20" - 15".

Zodiac birthstones handset on the coin reverse:

Aries- white sapphire,  Taurus- emerald,  Gemini- sapphire,  Cancer- ruby,            Leo- peridot,  Virgo- sapphire,  Libra- pink  sapphire,  Scorpio- yellow sapphire,  Sagittarius – amethyst,  Capricorn- garnet,  Aquarius- amethyst,  Pisces- aquamarine. 

About the materials:

No worries, the gold or solid silver color will not rub off with wear. We work with solid unplated materials and gold-filled chains. We strongly believe that the color of your jewelry should withstand the test of time. 

Cleaning cloth included. To keep your jewels looking fresh.

All of our jewelry is made entirely handmade in the USA.

*Solid 14k is made to order please allow 2-3 weeks.



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