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Zodiac Coin Charm


Individual coin charm

Brass coin with 14k gold filled jump ring


Solid silver coin

Individual vintage zodiac coin charms are made for layering on your favorite mm/dd/yyyy necklace to remind you of your Sun, Moon, and Rising signs.

Or perhaps add a vintage coin on your favorite jewels to represent each of your loved one's stars? Makes a perfect gift for kids, fluffy friends and long-distance facetime loves. 

Each coin loop is large enough to be strung onto your favorite heirloom charm necklaces and bracelets.


Coins are hand cast from recycled brass and solid fine silver. Each tail of the coin is handset with one zodiac birthstone crystal representing a star in each constellation.

Zodiac birthstones handset on the coin reverse:

Aries- white sapphire,  Taurus- emerald,  Gemini- sapphire,  Cancer- ruby,  Leo- peridot,  Virgo- sapphire,  Libra- pink sapphire,  Scorpio- yellow sapphire,  Sagittarius – amethyst,  Capricorn- garnet,  Aquarius- amethyst,  Pisces- aquamarine. 

Note: If needed the Gold filled and solid silver loops can be carefully opened and closed with jewelry pliers or your local jeweler and attached to your favorite large charm chains.

Cleaning cloth included. To keep your jewels looking fresh.

Made by hand in the USA. 

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