Caring about materials

Care for your lasting material choices

Alexis Laurel, Month/ day/ year jewelry (mm/dd/yyyy jewelry) uses solid 14k for our fine jewelry line. Alternatively our more affordable line uses 14k gold-filled chains and loops with hand-cast brass coins for our more affordable zodiac jewelry. We love brass because it is a solid material that looks like gold when polished and the shine can always be easily restored by hand polishing with a cloth, which is included in every order.

All of our jewelry is hand cast in NYC all metals are in compliance with the EICC- GeSI Conflict Free Sourcing Initiative. All chains and components are proudly made by American suppliers.

Why is gold fill better than gold plated or vermeil jewelry?

Gold fill is meant to last up to 10 years with normal wear and tear, though we do recommend keeping your jewelry away from harsh chemicals such as those found in spray perfumes. Gold plated jewelry on the other hand may begin to flake off within a few wears, exposing the base metal. Gold plated jewelry cannot be restored by hand. Vermeil jewelry (a thicker gold plate) will hold on to the gold for longer, but eventually, the thin layer of gold will rub off, exposing the silver color underneath.

Why we chose solid 14k gold, fine silver and solid brass for our coins?

If you’re a solid gold charm collector, you know it is always your choice option for forever lasting heirloom quality jewelry.

Pure fine silver will darken over time, we like the antique look. And it can be easily polished using our polishing cloth.

For a more affordable alternative to solid gold, we chose our true love, the rich gold tone look of brass. 

Our Quality Guarantee.

If you want that brand-new brass look, we are happy to professionally hand-polish your brass and solid gold zodiac coins using our jewelry tools, free of charge, forever. Repairs are covered free of charge for one year from the purchase date. Our policy is that month/ day/ year jewelry must have been originally purchased directly from our company website.

We’re sorry, but we can’t polish jewelry for free if bought from our partnered retailers. In that case there will be a $8 charge for each month/ day/ year piece polished. Including return shipping.

Polish shipping instructions:

Please drop us an email titled “please polish” to, and we will send you shipping instructions. You are responsible for shipping to us. We offer free return shipping. If you received your jewelry as a gift, tell us who gave you the gift and once we confirm the purchase came through our website, we will send you mailing instructions.

Please note it can take up to 2 weeks to receive your polished jewelry.